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One day Port of Spain was flooded out due to heavy rainfall.
"South people" got to leave work early.

A young man eagarly rushed home to be with his equally youthful wife.

As he pulled up on his driveway, he braved the thunderous rain and darted
into his house.
To his dismay, his wife's "horner-man" ran outside to get away.

The young husband walked up to his wife and "buss two slap in she face."

Crying "bucket-ah-drop" she said, "Why yuh slap meh for?"

She continued...
"Dat is d man who buy dem shoes on yuh foot.
Dat is d man who doz help me pay d bills.
Dat is d man who pay down on d car u drivin."

Totally enraged the husband replied,
"Dat is exactly why ah friggin slap yuh... yuh go hav d man runnin in d


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