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Post  suraj127 on Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:16 pm

There is a Guyanese guy from Berbice name Rummy.
One day he invited his buddies for a drink to celebrate his first child.
While they drinking, one of his friends asks Rummy "eh how lang yuh marraid bai?"
Rummy said "bout 4 1/2 months" so his friend says "Rummy yuh so stuppid"!! "It tek 9 months to get ah pickney, when you wife get pregnant?"
Rummy said: "Bai me tek she 4 1/2 months ago, on abee wedding nite, a wa yuh a try fa sey, me wife had ah nada man before meh?"
His friend said "YES! And yuh betta check pan she!!"

So Rummy went home vexx like rass and call pan he wife and ask:
"Woman, how we get pickney in 4 1/2 month?"
His wife replies: "Rummy you so stuppid, how lang you married me?"
He replies: "4 1/2 month.,"
"And how lang me married you?",
He replies: "4 1/2 months."
"Well tell me Rummy, duh nah mek 9 months? Rummy, bai you sooooooooooo stuppidee."
Rummy bai replied: "You right you know, meh na figure it out laka dah, me sorry meh ask yu, yu right, yu right...."


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