KBIS presents XS SoundZ - Genuine Remixes

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KBIS presents XS SoundZ - Genuine Remixes

Post  suraj127 on Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:22 pm


1. Akh Ladiye (Boss’s Mix)
2. Chora Fisal Gaya (Underground Poser Mix)
3. Chaska (Pitchin’ Peppa Mix)
4. Na Jaane (Gimme Some)
5. Rawain Saanva (Gaj’s Mix)
6. O Naukar (Latin Punnany Mix)
7. Teri Palkein Jo Uthi (If ‘Jadoo’ Mix)
8. Chayya Hai Jo (Teresa’s Mix)
9. Dilbar Pyaare (Wickedly Fed Up Mix)
10. Aadat Ho Chuki (Step Up the Bass Mix)
11. Halla Re (Tiny Tassa Mix)
12. Pretty Woman (Suhana’s Mix)
13. Hasino Ka Aate Hain (Glide Mix)
14. Aur Patil Mein (Lotay Somebody Mix)
15. Dance It Up (Sadistic’s Bonus)



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